Spectacle around the construction site

Spectacle around the construction site

When the "gross schatzer construction site spectacle" when the stage was set up, no one had any idea that there would be so much smiling and laughing in the aftermath. The construction workers werner schmutzler and georg lauth sat down on the beer crate next to the mortel machine and calmly and prudently looked at their surroundings from this perspective.
But then florian silbereisen (markus schreibvogel) swept onto the stage and brought DJ otzi (andi dippold) with him. The three-headed band with klaus bauerlein, mathias rauch and stefan molitor supported musically. Silbereisen asked everyone right at the beginning to turn the horgerat up to loud in order to understand everything correctly.
It thought surely also of the servants in the city hall and in the local council, which got their fat off several times: with the building sites in schaatz has halt in the city hall and in the local council nobody a clue and woman also nothing. They can all be beaten away." even the session president, second mayor holger dremel, sometimes winced.

Song of concrete

At the "song of beton in the mortelmischmaschin" but all concerned and all in the hall sang along again enthusiastically. Also ivan rebroff (stefan molitor) sang: "nur baustelln gibt's in schaatz." but stop, stop! They also exist in schaatz, but of course they mean the one in giech! And what happened there, the construction workers showed now also times in action, when they were to plug twisted canal pipes, which naturally did not go so and so also not.
So first of all wait and take a break. Therefore also the eternal construction site with detours over kubelstein and wattendorf – because of giech in the valley of the clueless. This building site joy, excellently staged by the firemen under the direction of martin dippold, brought the hall to a frenzy.

Both sessions sold out

The two prunksitzungen of the twenty scheblitzer associations were sold out long beforehand. This testifies to the popularity of these events. After the entrance of the eleven council and the guards, the president of the meeting, dremel, buried the guests.
The tanzsportgarde shone at their performance with the gardemarsch with rough engagement at the fast dance. She had been well trained for this by christine goppert. The duo barbara reinlein and holger dremel raised the mood with the schaatzer carnival song and the audience sang enthusiastically: "helau, helau, helau, wir schaatzer sind gut drauf"!"
A further eye feast followed with the dance of the two funkenmariechen alina kohler and madlen hauptmann. Especially the female fans shrieked several times in ecstasy at the acrobatic jumps and figures. Carmen gries caught a special case of a man – a mercedes driver with a hat – while shopping. She described with delight how the satchel-clad men rub their feet sideways as they walk. While waiting in front of the bottle machine gries had to deal with her own comrades. Also the envy on dark people she could not suppress. And she forgave them, if the president hadn't reminded her that she only wanted to buy a loaf of bread.
After the great dance of the funkenmariechen leonie knauer, trained by sabine schafer, judith eberlein and ingrid hahner, the whole hall swayed to the melodies of the ellertaler heimatklange under their conductor tobias mager. They accompanied musically skillfully the whole evening.
The second performance of the dance sport guard was much acclaimed. As german and russian fubballers they fought for the golden cup and got the deserved rough applause. Afterwards the "joyful voices" performed for the first time at a carnival session under the direction of marlene groh at. With geo schmittschmitt as the bus driver, who was played very well, but unfortunately only doubled, the female members of the mannergesangverein went on a trip to rome. The fact that the protestant members confused the pontiffs benedict and franciscus did nothing to dampen the good mood. Loudly the audience demanded an encore.

Back through the backdoor

The team of rap top dancers showed a successful music and dance performance. Several rounds of schunkel livened up the program and got the audience moving during the four-hour session. With the show-duo lea kroack and sophie erlwein brought a perfect polished performance of the "tribute of panem" on the stage.
The ulknudel camen gries stormed the stage as julchen for the second time. Not averse to alcohol, she had already brought a bottle of red wine herself and always quenched her thirst. After still harmless payments over a "gruschelschublade", where everything is collected and stored, but she also reported on the love life of her neighbor. In the zoo, she learned that the most expensive parrot can't do anything, but everyone says "president" to him. There it became allmahlich nevertheless too bunt, it loved it of the order forces from the hall to carry. Carmen, however, came back through the back door, because she wanted to say goodbye to her fans with a song. Loudly accompanying their idol.
What would a scheblitz carnival be without a performance by the male heroes of the fire department?. Nicki landvogt had dressed them up as blue and white smurfs this year. The grace and elegance of the figures, the choice of a bridegroom, the female fans wiped the tears of joy from their eyes.
The conclusion of the wonderful enjoyable and entertaining evening, made dream and dance after their gardetanz now with their showtanz "star wars". Tanja friedrich and cornelia zeck had spurred their girls on to high performances.

All's well that ends well

all's well that ends well, so president dremel was able to invite everyone to the stage once again for the grand finale and express his thanks and appreciation to them. That everything went so smoothly in front of and behind the stage, he also thanked his professional colleague robert schwarzmann. The female traffic educator at the police not only has to deal with schoolchildren, but also with the many helpers, at the prunksitzung.