“In good hands” in the clinic

On criticism of the helios-frankenwaldklinik kronach: since there have been so many negative reports about our clinic recently, i would like to tell you about my positive experiences from the perspective of a patient. After I was admitted to the emergency room and then to the intermediate intensive care unit of the hospital by the emergency doctor and the rescue assistants of the BRK on a saturday afternoon, I was immediately and intensively cared for.

On monday, i was transferred to ward 5 and was in the best of hands there. I can only praise the cooperation of the attending physicians as well as the careful care of the nurses and the service staff as exemplary.

I just felt "in good hands". The team of doctors tried very hard to find out the reason of my illness and finally the treatment led to my discharge from the clinic.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I wish our frankenwald clinic continued success, because without them our frankenwald became a little poorer again. Waltraud zuber kronach