Teenagers love ebermannstadt

Teenagers love ebermannstadt

Josef hofbauer 50 young people between the ages of twelve and 17 responded to the call of youth welfare worker kathrin kurth-lipfert, who, together with representatives of the district youth ring, had invited them to a forum in the town hall of ebermannstadt. The goal: to learn more about the needs and desires of "generation Z to be experienced. Kathrin lipfert is positively surprised by the results. No other group can be found in as many places in the city as young people. The suggestions put forward were correspondingly extensive and varied.

It has become clear that life is not as well organized as is often assumed. Schools have free time, and they would like to spend it outdoors, sums up the youth welfare officer from ebermannstadt. The teens would like to see the skateboarding area spruced up with soccer goals and basketball hoops. But faster internet and free wi-fi were also on the wish list.

Brighter, more attractive city

The young people complained about the lack of seating along the wiesent, at playgrounds, at the upper gate and basteibraugasse. The water at kohlfurtweg was seen as an oasis on the one hand, but on the other hand the odor pollution from the nearby clearing plant was a stumbling block.

The muhlgraben/graveyardstrabe playground tends to be avoided. Too old, said the teenagers who complained about broken glass and gauze on the cycle path between wiesent and aldi and the fub and cycle path towards aldi. According to lipfert, the lack of or poor lighting on footpaths and bursts also meant that these areas were avoided.

The desire for a youth center was frequently mentioned, but it must be designed in such a way that it can also be used during free hours. Schoolchildren would be pleased with a coarser fast food offer or a school cafe with lunch at school prices. The youth worker wants to pass this suggestion on to restaurateurs and owners of ice cream parlors and cafes.

Events like the soundfeel festival were sorely missed. But also a u-14 party without and a u-16 party with alcoholic drinks met with great interest.

Katharina lipfert finds it remarkable that young people from the suburbs also feel like ebermannstadters. At least that’s what they checked when they were asked where they came from. The fact that 35 percent of the young people surveyed wanted to live in ebermannstadt and the surrounding area when they grew up shows just how strong their ties to their homeland are. Another twelve percent preferred the small town or "country" setting. But only if there is affordable housing, jobs, career opportunities and an attractive range of leisure activities.

The young people are also ready to take on social responsibility, he says. For example, teenagers have said they will come back to ebermannstadt to take care of their parents. So the youth worker calls the result of the survey a huge win for the city. Now it’s a matter of implementing the ideas in projects .