German seriously injured by dingo in australia

german seriously injured by dingo in australia

The attack happened in the early morning (local time) on fraser island, the world’s largest sand island about 1000 kilometers north of sydney. According to the national park administration, the 23-year-old had previously left his campsite and lost his bearings. He would then fall asleep alone on a path.

The young man was flown by helicopter to a hospital in the state of queensland. "His condition is stable," said a spokesman for the local health authority. He will not have to stay too long in the hospital. He could not say anything about the exact identity and origin of the german.

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Ju is for participation in corona study

The executive committee of the young union local association forchheim opposes the decision of the mayor of oberburg, uwe kirschstein (SPD), not to participate in the "covid kids bavaria" study with any of the city’s daycare centers participate. This decision means that "an opportunity for research into the virus is being missed", the JU in forchheim emphasizes in its statement.

People should take advantage of the opportunity to take part in tests, it continues. Because they were "helping to stop the spread of the virus in our city". Even if the children showed no symptoms, they could still pass the virus on to their grandparents, for example, argues JU local chairman florian dietz.

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“The boys have to buy here!”

Franziska Betzold is the shopping vice champion. Daughter-in-law manuela reveals this with great pride. But that's "the granny, as she is known in the family, not so important. What is much more decisive for her is the statement: "we from gundelsheim need the market." she is referring to the only remaining supermarket in the village. Especially for the elderly, but also for those without a car or other motorized vehicle, even for those without a bicycle, this shopping opportunity is of elementary importance. As well as the other businesses and institutions.

Franziska Betzold and her daughter-in-law took part in a study in april that investigated whether it is possible to provide for oneself in gundelsheim. Franziska betzold's second place is impressive proof of that. For three weeks, meticulous records had to be kept of all purchases, with receipts and documents as proof. "We should do everything the way we always have", explains the 73-year-old.

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Doctors and nurses waiting for protective masks

doctors and nurses waiting for protective masks

When hans menzel recently returned to his family doctor’s office, he couldn’t believe his eyes: "they’re running around with self-sewn masks and gowns, because that’s all they can get. I am shocked." the 64-year-old suffers from the severe lung disease COPD, he was already dependent on disinfectants, gloves and protective masks long before corona. We’ve even given a few of them to our doctors now. "The hollow phrases that politicians spout are completely out of touch with reality, says menzel. "Because the conditions for doctors and hospital staff are sometimes no better than in a developing country."

Eight masks for five employees

The region’s doctors’ offices, old people’s homes, hospitals and nursing services are united in their wait for urgently needed protective equipment. While the corona crisis confronts those working in the healthcare sector with new challenges and decisions every day, it seems that care is still far from keeping pace.

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