A brawler in traffic

Mutual aggressiveness and belligerence was on wednesday afternoon of two motorists near randersacker must both pay dearly. The two men, aged 32 and 23, were driving their cars on the B13 in the direction of ochsenfurt. A 23-year old BMW driver felt encouraged by the close approach of a 32-year old. As he turned left onto the turn lane to the highway to nurnberg, he flashed his middle finger at another motorist who was passing him on the bundesstrabe in his nissan, the police report says. This gesture prompted the nissan driver to move his vehicle into the turning lane just ahead of the BMW driver and apply the emergency brake. The BMW driver also stepped on the brake pedal, but was unable to avoid a rear-end collision. The two brawlers now have to bear not only a damage of 2000 euros, which no insurance will compensate them, according to the police. Investigation proceedings were also initiated against both of them for dangerous interference with road traffic, harassment, insulting behavior and numerous violations of traffic regulations. These are offenses that can be punished by the judiciary, including the revocation of driving licenses.