Crankshaft, fire hoses and protective equipment

Crankshaft, fire hoses and protective equipment

On wednesday afternoon, there was a lot going on in the courtyard of the fierster fire station: the fierster fire department invited visitors to an exciting firefighting course as part of the vacation program of the ebern associations, which is organized by the kulturring ebern (culture ring ebern). Around 15 children from ebern and the surrounding area accepted the invitation and arrived at 4 p.M. With sturdy shoes and sun protection.

Protective equipment explained

The children listened intently to firefighter mario holzmann as he explained the protective equipment of a firefighter. Here it turned out that the children already knew well about it. Also on the question, which telephone number one must dial, if it burns, came like from the pistol shot "na the 112".

After the introduction, all the children went with the group to the fire station, where the portable fire engine trailer of the fire brigade is stored together with the new fire engine. Here the children listened with interest to the chairman of the fire department association, janina reuter-schad, who is herself active in the fire department group fierst. Together with the children, she worked out the different types of operations for which the fire department is often called out. Fire, flooding, accidents, animal rescues or opening doors – the children had quickly paid their dues. In keeping with the different types of operations, she showed the children the fire department’s respective units. The children looked at this with interest and actively participated. Of course, the new portable fire engine was also started, which impressed the children.

Cube syringe tried out

But then the children had to lend a hand themselves and try out the various firefighting utensils. The highlight was the crankshaft, which had to be used to spray an empty bucket from a certain distance. The children had great fun pumping by hand and aiming with the hose. The children also enjoyed the linen bag throwing competition very much. Here, a linen bag had to be thrown over a certain distance through two small hats. It quickly became clear that there were some talented throwers at the starting line.

"Hose roll out"

The "hose roll-out" station was also a lot of fun, where the children could try their hand at rolling out a fire hose. The goal was to knock over the nine bottles, which were to serve as cones, while rolling out the hose. The children looked over the shoulders of their fellow players and feverishly wondered whether the cones would be hit. At the last station, the children learned some knots that are often used by the fire department, such as the so-called mast throwing.

The children had a lot of fun running through the course, divided into two groups, and thus learning about the work and equipment of the fire department in a playful way. When the children were asked whether they could imagine joining the fire department in the future, they had different opinions. While a young boy is already close to his 12. While the children were eagerly awaiting their 50th birthday so that they could finally join the youth fire department in ebern, the girls were a little more skeptical about this question. At the end of the exhausting and exciting afternoon, each child received an ice cream to cool off.