Traffic police prohibit further travel

Traffic police prohibit further travel

The erlangen traffic police had to intervene in two cases near hochstadt.

In two cases, the drivers of trucks on the A 3 were banned from continuing their journey, the police report: firstly for taking too long to drive, then because of a dangerously slipped load.

First, on tuesday at 7.30 o’clock an articulated lorry stopped, which was on the way in the area hochstadt in the direction of nurnberg. During the check, it was discovered that the daily prescribed rest period had not been observed several times. According to the control unit, the driver was last on the road for 23 hours in one day.

The driver caught had to pay a security deposit of just under 1000 euros. Further travel was prohibited until sufficient rest time was available.

Then, shortly after midnight, the police noticed a tractor-trailer on the high gremsdorf in the direction of wurzburg, which was traveling with a clear impact side, the traffic police further reported. The trailer of this semitrailer was noticeably tilted to the right side. It was loaded with an eleven-ton machine part. This part was inadequately secured and had slipped.

Parts had already drilled into the loading area. It would only have been a matter of time before the load fell off the trailer or it tipped over completely.

The continuation of the journey was also forbidden by the police in this case. It will only be allowed again when a specialist company has aligned and properly secured the eleven-tonne part.