Andrea lieb wants to make the viewer curious

Kronach – in the gallery in the district administration office on monday, 3. August, at 5 p.M. In the gallery in the district office the exhibition "extra dear opens. On display are paintings and objects by kronach artist andrea lieb, whose first solo exhibition offers pleasurable experiences and poses many questions.
Because what is the "extra"? On their work? Is it the courage to experiment with materials, to make the explosion of colors visible? Not sticking rigidly to an idea, but playing with it? Discovering how a structure, a color gradient develops layer by layer? To approach the creation of a picture or object in a childlike, explorative way? Explore and be amazed? To enjoy the process of creation?
It is all this – and much more. It is the feeling and visualization of the energy that lies beneath the surface. To give space to this power, to let it come forward. See new. Here is also the connection between ophthalmic optics, qi gong and art, the three passions of andrea lieb.
The tools for this are her profession as a self-employed master optician, the energy work as a trained qi gong teacher and the learning of various artistic and handicraft-creative techniques in workshops and seminars in germany and on corfu. Your window displays, the stagings at "kronach leuchtet, for many years, her paintings and objects have aroused the curiosity of the viewer.
No matter whether brushes, sponges, spooling brushes or the hand are used, whether the basic material is wood, paper or canvas, whether needle and thread, wire, plastic or flotsam and jetsam are used, andrea lieb’s goal is always to let the peculiarities of the material come to the surface and to enable a new view of things.
Andrea lieb will be happy to provide information about her work and the works that will be on display until the 28th of july. August to be shown during the regular opening hours of the district office. Admission is free.