Vfb coach Labbadia: “can hurt FC Bayern”

Vfb coach labbadia: 'can hurt fc bayern'

Bruno labbadia and vfb stuttgart want to be the spoilers in the DFB cup final. Not only do they want to thwart FC bayern’s historic triple, they also want to spoil jupp heynckes’ farewell from the bench of the german fubball record champion.

"I give him my all at any time, but not on saturday," the 47-year-old labbadia told news agency dpa in an interview, adding with a grin: "two titles in one season is enough."

Mr. Labbadia, does bayern munchen’s championship win over borussia dortmund make your task in the DFB cup final easier or more difficult??

Labbadia: "more of a stick. The bavarians are now more liberated. You saw in the first half hour against dortmund, what an enormous pressure on them has weighed. But it shows the quality of the team that they have freed themselves from this situation. For FC bayern it was a very important game from the point of view of the head. A big burden has fallen from them."

You can’t speculate on a drop in tension with the bavarians.

Labbadia: "FC bayern is currently the strongest team in europe, if not in the world. These two years without a title have spurred them on even more. Beating an opponent like that would be something extraordinary."

Did she explain the statement of munchen’s chairman of the board karl-heinz rummenigge, according to which FC bayern had a chance in berlin’s olympiastadion even with 1.8 per mille??

Labbadia: "when you’ve achieved something as great as winning the champions league, you let loose with a slogan. I don’t take it personally. I see it quite relaxed."

They feel comfortable in the role of the outsider?

Labbadia: "as a player and as a coach, i’ve always liked being in the role of favorite. But the FC bayern has broken almost all records this season. We still go into this game with the belief that we can win."

Can you surprise FC bayern??

Labbadia: "bayern are in a situation in which they no longer have to look to their opponents for inspiration. That’s the best thing you can experience as a coach and team. We still want to approach this challenge with great joy and enthusiasm."

Has the team of coach jupp heynckes weak?

Labbadia: "i don’t see many. The bavarians have an outstanding individual quality and strike ice-cold. Still, there are days when a team can win that does not have the quality of the opponent. We hope for such a day. We need a real cream day."

How crude is the swabian longing for the title?

Labbadia: "the greed for the cup win is really rough. Against FC bayern we have to work on the attack again. We have strong ones with which we can hurt him. We have to bring them."

With what tactics you go the duel?

Labbadia: "you need an overall concept. I hope that my team will be able to implement and fulfill the targets well. The be-all and end-all is to be unbelievably united. And then one or the other player needs an outstanding day."

What role will cacau play after his long injury break?

Labbadia: "he is certainly not ready to make a few games in a row, because he has no rhythm. We have not yet made a decision about his deployment. Let’s see."

The DFB cup win could be their first title as coach.

Labbadia: "titles are the most important thing for everyone. I always want to get to a final with my team. I am greedy for it."

You could spoil heynckes’ farewell as bayern coach.

Labbadia: "if the cup final was to be his last game as coach, he had already done an extraordinary job. I wish him the same from the bottom of my heart. As a coach and former player of his, his career moved me. Such an emotional reaction as after the gladbach game does not pass even me without a trace, that touches me. I’ll give him anything at any time, but not on saturday. Two titles in one season are enough (laughs)."