Injured in racist attack in erfurt

Injured in racist attack in erfurt

Three men from guinea were the victims of a racially motivated attack in erfurt, germany. Two of the manneres were injured, one of them seriously, according to police on saturday. According to the report, the condition of the seriously injured man was "critical" at times.

The "three-headed group of foreigners with burgers" had been verbally and then physically attacked by ten to twelve germans at a well-known meeting place of the right-wing scene in a flat construction area in the southeast of erfurt. Police spoke of a "xenophobic attack". Twelve suspected perpetrators were preliminarily arrested and taken into custody.

The condition of the seriously injured man was at times considered critical, it was reported. Like the other injured person, he was treated in hospital.

It was not initially known whether weapons or other objects were used in the attack. The assault occurred about 3.05 o’clock. The attackers were reported to be in front of the right-wing meeting place. The state criminal investigation office was involved in the investigation. The police asked witnesses to come forward.

In thuringian security circles, it is assumed that members or sympathizers of the small right-wing extremist party dritter weg regularly hang out at the meeting place in front of which the attack took place. The police did not comment on it.

Hundreds protested against right-wing extremism and attacks by the right-wing scene in thuringia’s state capital on saturday. The police spoke of about 400 participants. The background was an incident on the weekend before last in july on a grassy area in front of the state chancellery, in which a group of young people were attacked and injured. According to the investigating authorities, some of the attackers have a right-wing extremist background. The investigation was not yet completed on saturday.