“We need more empathy”

New start at the coburg state theater, even if it is still not really clear in what concrete framework the upcoming period of general renovation is to be managed. At the start of the work after the summer break, there was real jubilation about and for the new intendant. Bernhard F. Loges, successor to bodo busse, who moved to the saarbruck state theater, stepped onto the stage in the grob haus in a confident and relaxed manner for the employee ceremony, which is always a symbolic act primarily inwardly, but also "outwardly" with an emphatic sociopolitical message is.

In fact, bernhard F. Loges, until now music theater dramaturge at the deutsche oper am rhein, already very present at the landestheater and in the city during the interim year with a four-man directorate from the remaining management staff. Correspondingly "homegrown he’s already on the move, having moved with his family from dusseldorf to monchroden in the coburg region and "settled in well.

All over germany, theaters currently see themselves called upon to take a special political stance. So did bernhard loges. In his speech, he was not only concerned with the motivation of his employees, but also, especially "after the events of the last few weeks", to say what theater itself has to stand for and especially the program of the coburg landestheater in the 2018/2019 season, the first one for which loges is completely responsible. Quoting voices from the public discussion, he is above all concerned with "empathy-building, to the education and expansion of the empathy. Mozart’s "magic float at the season opener (premiere on 29. September) is paradigmatic for this. Everything else than a child’s play, it reenacts different development stages of the individual to coarser maturity, thereby also accepting the shadows.

Yes, it is a problem-conscious game plan, which offers the landestheater in this season. The aim is to help the visitor "find his own moral compass". Only by showing the dark can one see the light. In addition, a lot of fun and entertainment is indeed planned, whereby relaxation does not mean dosing off. The landetheater also wants to raise a flag against hatred and incitement, especially since one can see from the example of this institution, where a very large number of very different nationalities are gathered, what can be done in solidarity.

Loges sees himself as the leader of a team whose goal must be "that people take something away from each evening." you can also be taught – in the sense of schiller’s moral school – by laughing a lot.

There had already been great thanks and great jubilation at the beginning for the acting ensemble, which had "rocked munich" during the theater vacations, as loges put it with the "spider murphy story, which had been praised by all the media up to the suddeutsche zeitung. There are already requests for further engagements.

The roll call of all the new members of the ensemble ended the act of burial. There are major changes, especially in the music theater ensemble. The coburger tageblatt will introduce the new team at the landestheater in the near future.