Start of the season of the manner in staffelstein

Bad staffelstein – on sunday the fistball men start into the field season of the district league. At 10 a.M. In bad staffelstein, the host TSV, TV meierhof and the kulmbach/lichtenfels joint play team, which operates under the name of ATS kulmbach, will take to the field.

Lineup problems continue
The sglers face TSV staffelstein in their opening match. In view of the problems with the team's lineup that have persisted for years, lichtenfels player walter orlishausen once again sees the primary goal of the team as to once again retain its place in the league. The task is therefore to bring in the necessary payers as early as possible. Whether this project can be implemented on sunday, however, is rather unlikely.
Since staffelstein and meierhof are among the closest contenders for the title, the stakes for the sglers will probably be unattainably high. But the atslers will not give their opponents a present.

Staffelstein plays back-to-back
The SG can then look at the opponent TV meierhof against the staffelsteiner in the second game, to then offer in the third game against the manner from ostoberfranken as good as possible paroli. Khk