Rtl rules out xavier naidoo’s return to dsds

Rtl rules out xavier naidoo's return to dsds

The TV station RTL is planning the entire remaining season of "deutschland sucht den superstar" (DSDS) without sanger xavier naidoo (48) in the jury. RTL announced that there will be no return to DSDS for naidoo.

The musician ("this way") has not yet responded to the broadcaster’s offer to "explain his misleading and contradictory statements in a plausible manner.

Naidoo faced accusations of racism after statements in a video. He vehemently rejected this and wrote in a facebook post that he had been misinterpreted. He is also deeply committed to combating exclusion and racial hatred. Naidoo did not explain the lyrics in the video in more detail and did not specifically address the accusations.

The federal commissioner for migration, refugees and integration, annette widmann-mauz, criticized the sanger for his remarks and demanded a further explanation. "In view of the current threat from right-wing extremism, such a video is a fire hazard," the CDU politician told the newspapers of the funke media group. "When xavier naidoo says he has been misinterpreted, he should explain once again in a way that is comprehensible to everyone: what can horer misinterpret here??"

After naidoo’s statement, the TV station RTL also apparently saw a need for further clarification and removed the singer from the DSDS jury. Naidoo owes the broadcaster many answers, and other videos along similar lines have surfaced, the broadcaster said in a statement.

The remaining jury members oana nechiti, pietro lombardi and dieter bohlen are now to sit three in the jury on saturday, it hailed. "How it looks with the further liveshows, we will announce promptly."