Nature offers itself as a fitness center

Nature offers itself as a fitness center

Sports to distract from the corona virus pandemic – after the success of the first series of yoga exercises as exercise for the home and above all as compensation for the dreariness during the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the association "together against cancer" is continuing its efforts a new small exercise series continues. This time nature is chosen as a fitness center and used to ward off the onset of melancholy.

The leader of the sports group "sport and cancer" from the association "together against cancer, birgit schmitt, invites the participants to join in and takes them out into the open air. "Let us open ourselves to the gifts of nature", demands it.

And this is how it works according to birgit schmitt: "nature is a richly bubbling source of energy and support with a beneficial effect on our body and mind. We choose a tree in the garden or in the open air.

Stand with the left side of the body towards the tree with a distance of about 20 centimeters to the tree trunk. Then raise your right arm and try to touch the tree trunk with your right hand. Stay in this position and inhale and exhale eight times in a relaxed manner.

This exercise stimulates flank breathing by stretching the flanks. In addition, circulation and metabolism are stimulated. We then do the exercise with the right side of the body. So this time I put the right side of my body at a distance of about 20 centimeters from the tree and repeated the arm and breathing exercise as well."

Tip for those who want to get the most out of this health-boosting workout: do both workouts a little afterward.