Bernhard nagle chairs Kikag’s annual general meeting

Bernhard nagle chairs kikag's annual general meeting

Bernhard nagle woman, how it feels to hold the steering wheel in your hand. The former chairman of the kitzingen sailing and sport boat club e.V. Is also used to heavy seas. He has already steered many a ship back into calmer waters. This is the talent he will need in his new role as kikag's meeting president.
Even now, nagle is trying to keep the waves flat. He modestly sees himself as an "emergency nail". To avoid a "not-nagle" this format, however, rubbed many an association the wrong way. The decision made on 11. 11. Fallen and remained secret for a scant month, has been taken by the prasidium with rough approval. It could prove to be a stroke of luck for kikag.

Desire for an audience
Guys like bernhard nagle are the ones who can lead a meeting. "You can't be shy in front of the audience", he says with a laugh. "And one should be able to react to the unforeseen in an appropriately quick-witted manner".
Nagle does not want to copy anyone, wants to find his own style. "I can't copy hans-joachim schumacher, and I don't have the rhyming talent of norbert schober, he emphasizes. The latter is honorary president of kikag.
Nagle talks a lot about tradition and the responsibility that kikag bears. "It is a question of honor that a kitzinger is also the president of the kikag", he emphasizes. He wants to deliver quality. Kikag is famous far beyond the borders of kitzingen for this.
In the upcoming sessions on 25. January and on rosenmontag, prominent speakers such as the cabaret artist and kikag's jester michl muller "bauer eugen" will perform or the ventriloquist pierre ruby on. "This was and is a trademark of the kitzingen carnival", explains nagle. "We have top-class performers." he also deliberately refers to the dance clubs or solo dancers who always came to kitzingen from the top of their sport.

Pressure on the clubs is growing
Nagle has been a member of the kikag for 34 years and has held a number of posts and offices in the organization, from lighting technician to councilor of eleven. And he has been involved in many a development. "Carnival in france today faces the challenge of remaining tradition-conscious and meeting the need for something more showy". Here he feels the development that the carnival has taken in general. "The classic butt speeches of various originals decrease somewhat, but the level of show dance performances increases", says nagle. "And also the singing numbers are increasing."
so understood the carnival has become more expensive. "In the past, we used to borrow a few spotlights. Today, nothing works without professional lighting technology". An example of the development that is putting economic pressure on the carnival societies. And on this point, nagle becomes political: "fun and celebration must have its place, especially in the carnival, but an association must also be run economically."
He sounds a bit like he's applying for the presidency next spring. When asked about it, he waves it off. "I definitely do not think about it", he says. Not yet? For the time being, at least, he is sticking to his "no" vote. "I can well imagine a division of the office", says nagle and speaks from the soul of the current acting president of the kikag, franz hildebrand. He, in turn, did not want to be the president of the meeting. Who knows if there won't be a tandem at work that will continue to meet with the approval of the association in the future?.

Team spirit at the club
This approval is important to bernhard nagle. "I want to develop a sense of "we" in the kikag", he emphasizes. And he calls to get involved in the club and for the carnival. "You don't have to do everything right away. People are also needed behind the scenes." already today, he is also promoting active participation in the
county carnival parade on
12. February. "Those who want to join us will find open doors."
from nagle's point of view, this also applies, and above all, to the people of kitzingen themselves. "Why not give away a ticket to one of the two sessions for christmas?", he advises. "I will do my best to make the evening a success. And our team too."