Bischberg elementary school gymnasium is finished

Bischberg elementary school gymnasium is finished

Angela hartl feels like she's at the christmas gift-giving ceremony. "Look, easy as pie." she is just beaming. Then they let the wall bars slide away from the wall and back again.

Franziska (8) takes care of the save as a matter of course. "I think this is really great", the third-grader confidently adds. Mayor johann pfister (BI) grins for his part like a honey cake horse.

Everybody is happy and blacking in the highest tones, which is not a problem because of the good sound insulation.

The bischberg elementary school has its completely new "old" school gymnasium taken into use. A decorative piece, outside and inside, and of course also functional, as principal hartl is pleased to see.

Faithful to the architect
Of course, architect michael jungkunst also has reason to rejoice over all the jubilation: the area around schulstrabe bears his signature: the generally (and energetically) renovated town hall, the generally renovated elementary school, and various street redesigns in the surrounding area. And as the youngest object, the said gymnasium fits in harmoniously.

But not everything was as harmonious as the site now appears: it took a decision by the city council to make it clear how the old school, which had been built in various stages, should proceed in the future: in other words, to build a completely new school somewhere else, or to completely renovate the old site.

The majority in the 6250-inhabitant municipality was in favor of the latter. In between came the renovation of the town hall from 2009 to 2011, during which the basic school gymnasium served as a provisional town hall building. Then came the renovation of the elementary school and finally the gymnasium, which took 14 months to build.

The "walk has an end
A difficult time for the elementary school with its 216 students. The sports lessons, which had to take place exclusively in the middle school several hundred meters away, were practically always preceded by an exercise phase on the pathway. This is over with the current school year and about 1.28 million euros later.

In retrospect, as the satisfied faces reflect, the time of hardship and strain was well worth it. For what is now offered to the elementary school students and clubs in bischberg is unparalleled, says the headmistress.

The decision-makers in the administration involved the specialists from the school in the selection of the equipment. "So that everything was done in two hours", as the mayor points out with his typical pragmatism.
The sports representatives anne schnappauf and stefan ochsner had, according to middle school principal wolfgang loch, worked out the concept and design details. Loch, for his part, is grateful to the administration that the proposals were accepted and implemented accordingly.

The locker rooms and showers are already highly modern and extremely functional, and can be used both for the individual men's and women's areas and also as a rough communal shower.

The interior of the hall (24 by 12 meters) is not only bright and friendly and sound-absorbing thanks to the wooden multiplex panels, but also mega-modern, for example with a sound system. "With it we must take nothing more separately with here" according to angela hartl. A beamer was also integrated. The control display also makes the technology child's play.

According to bianca claub from the AWO, who speaks on behalf of the after-school and lunchtime care programs, the super hall offers a wide range of opportunities for meaningful activities. The children are equally enthusiastic. Franzi (8) likes the fact that the walls are made of wood and not plastic, la toya (10) is excited about the ropes, which also have additional elements.

Darjen (10) likes the fact that you can play fireball really well here. Tasja (7) is an avid fan of the slackline "I've never seen anything like it anywhere else." and julian (6) prefers to play fubball in this hall.

Special balls for elementary school students
Keyword ball: the principal comments enthusiastically "now there is a ball for every child". And the weight of the medicine balls is specially adapted to the elementary school students, so they only weigh between one and one and a half kilos. Most of the equipment is super easy to transport, says the konrketorin.

It must not have been so easy with his desk, because during the time of the provisional town hall it stood for two years where now the floating beam is stored in the council chamber. This is what manfred trabert from the building authority remembers about this special inspection.

Despite all the new and modern features, architect jungkunz has also created a reference to the old school gymnasium and integrated the five sportsmen's reliefs into the corridor wall.

The exact bill is still pending. But one assumes a subsidy in the amount of 45 percent for the required costs, which could be about three quarters.

Not everything is finished yet
The school is not quite finished yet, however: the landscaping of the outdoor area and the playground is still missing. The vice principal hopes that this will also correspond with the previous project. "I've never seen a hall like this before, it makes sports lessons really fun." the children from the after-school care center can only confirm this and continue to amuse themselves with the many guesses.