Snow and ice affect long-distance traffic in the north

Snow and ice affect long-distance traffic in the north

German railroad long-distance traffic was severely disrupted during the night on saturday due to weather-related disruptions in large parts of northern germany.

Several places are not expected to be accessible by long-distance trains until the early hours of the morning, including bremen, kiel, lubeck and westerland, according to deutsche bahn. In the search for specific travel connections, among other things, turnarounds due to snow and ice in the hannover and hamburg area are indicated.

Long-distance traffic had to be completely suspended on several routes: hanover-bremen, hamburg-bremen and hamburg-hanover. Shortly before midnight, it was announced that the disruption had ended, and that long-distance travel would be possible again on saturday without restrictions.

Long-distance travel between hanover and frankfurt/main was reportedly severely limited on friday evening.

Previously, the private rail operator metronom had announced that it would completely suspend its train service in lower saxony on friday evening due to difficult winter weather conditions. "Icy rain and snow have paralyzed large parts of the railroad lines in lower saxony. This also applies to metronom, enno and erixx," the company in uelzen announced.

"For saturday morning, we continue to expect heavy disruptions on the tracks, unless the switches can be repaired overnight," metronom later announced. "If possible, please avoid early trips tomorrow, or check the electronic timetable information system."