Groblangheim horse show attracts visitors

Groblangheim horse show attracts visitors

Was the weather god for the groblangheim riding club "am schwanberg"? At this year’s dressage and show jumping competition on friday and saturday he was not exactly well-disposed, but on sunday afternoon he showed his best side. At the competitions, from the simple riding competition over the jumping competitions up to the dressage competition of the class S at the riding facility of the family herbert pfriem, especially the jumping competitions of the class L and M on sunday afternoon attracted a lot of spectators.

Despite the rainfall on saturday morning, everything went smoothly. The responsible persons thanked with heartfelt words and also with prasents all those who contributed to the smooth running of the event. The team from the registration office received an honorary award on behalf of all the helpers.

The attraction of the tournament can be seen in the number of participants: around 450 horses from the federal states of bavaria, baden-wurttemberg, hesse and rhineland-palatinate were at the start. Spectators not only experienced exciting equestrian sport, but were also able to visit the stables in the riding facility . On sunday afternoon, the groblangheimer musicians played with powerful brass music and bert grebner from jarkendorf showed with his jerk horse of the breed "suddeutsches kaltblut", that even heavier calibers respond quickly to commandos.

At the dressage competitions on friday and saturday the pure horse and dressage fans were on site as spectators. That the highest level of concentration is required was evident in the advanced dressage test, where every movement is judged at a change of tempo or stride and it is often not obvious to the layman what was particularly good or not so successful at the time.

This competition was a sure prey for jacqueline koser from the RFSV wurzburg, who rode "don boy" achieved 829 points. The next two places were much closer, as katja galmbacher (RSG barbarossa kaiserslautern) took the lead on "diamonit" with 798 points she took second place, just two points ahead of sabine lang (RFV neustadt aisch) on "latina" landed. Also the next three places were above the 790 mark.

In the medium class show jumping competition, the audience really got into it and was not stingy with applause when a clear round was presented. What was not so easy on this day, however, because due to the rain on the days before, the course was quite deep. Some horses had some problems deeper area where some water was still standing. Apparently there are also with the horses like with humans and dogs water-shy fellows, who took then a detour and lost thereby valuable seconds.

Lena haas-kotalla from the RFV emskirchen-eckenberg on "sienna" showed how close bad luck and good luck are in such a jumping competition. In excellent time on the way, but actually fell at the last obstacle the bar, which brought four penalty points and thus the ninth place. Eight riders managed a clear round and so time was the deciding factor. Leonie anderer (PSG mausdorf) had with "esmiralda" and in a time of 62,5 seconds half a second ahead of stefan aulbach (RFV eichenbuhl) on "zero uno".

Nicolas haluza (RFV eichenbuhl) took third place on "querida in the time of 63,7 seconds. He also took to the saddle with his second horse, quintino in fifth place in the list of winners. Jana schumacher (PSG "mausdorf") is also twice in the list of the zero fault rides represented by "quich jump and "omness de fetan placed sixth and eighth.