Bad bruckenau: the wait for the new fire station continues

Bad bruckenau: the wait for the new fire station continues

It was to be a small meeting of the city council – five council members and mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) were excused. But no less was discussed. 2 led through the session. Mayor jurgen pfister (PWG).

On the agenda was the awarding of the planning work for the fire station in volkers. Peter karl from the city’s building office presented the "reference project for further building projects in the city" before.Since december it has been clear that a new building is to be erected. After heated discussions about building costs and location last year, the city council decided on the site next to the kindergarten on city land. Since then, comprehensive planning has been underway.

Everything from a single source

"We have asked four planning offices to submit a bid", karl described the procedure. The city’s stipulation was that an office should take over the complete demolition. In addition to the object planning for the building and the interior, this includes the specialist planning of the technical equipment as well as the planning of the outdoor facilities. The office should also be commissioned in advance with the demolition of the old kindergarten.

"It makes sense to get everything from a single source", so the conclusion of karl. Only one contact person and cost savings if different companies are not commissioned, these were karl’s arguments. In the end, karl concluded, only one architectural firm submitted a bid. The richter office from bad bruckenau provided the entire planning service for 172.372 euros in.

Tender too rough

Following the information from the construction office, a discussion arose around several points: georg zeitz (PWG) again brought up the argument that the specified width of 4.30 meters in the access road, the bruckenauer weg, was not given. "We are discussing a rough contract award here without clarifying the conditions", said zeitz. The issue had already been discussed in december.

Karlheinz schmitt (CSU) noted that "smaller firms from the region" are already excluded in advance by the scope of the contract." it is also possible that the costs are higher than lower because of this. Benjamin wildenauer (SPD) agreed with him: "if you make such a big deal out of tenders, then the selection at the end is not rough."

Demolition by the city?

Petra hirschmann (CSU) asked about the damage assessment for the demolition of the old kindergarten building. This is still a work in progress, noted kart. In this context, several city council members asked why the demolition work was not being carried out by the city. "At the moment, we don’t have the capacity for it", said karl. For councilman schmitt this was not a satisfactory argumentation. He asked for this point to be examined again.

With a majority of 8:6 votes, the city councils accepted the arguments against the resolution – much to the disagreement of the supporters. Fire department commissioner manfred kaiser (CSU) reacted with annoyance . "Thus everything is dragged out unnecessarily." even the morning after the meeting, there was still confusion in the town hall: "i still can’t understand the result of the vote", pfister said when asked. Managing director michael worschech commented: "at the moment we are reviewing further steps."

Heike kotzner (CSU), local representative for volkers, was very disappointed by the expected further delay when asked by the editorial team. "The administration has certainly thought about what is feasible for the city and what is not", said kotzner. That’s why she finds it difficult to understand the arguments of her council colleagues for demolishing the building on her own responsibility.