Bad kissingen: new year’s eve fireworks followed by wet gauze

Bad kissingen: new year's eve fireworks followed by wet gauze

On the first days of the new year, the remains of the new year’s eve fireworks can still be seen everywhere: shreds of exploded bollards, the wooden sticks of the rockets and the empty packaging of the fireworks batteries lie rain-soaked on the street or peek out from full trash cans into which they were nevertheless still stuffed.

However, it is difficult to say how much mull is generated in the coarse county town by the bollerei. This is not recorded separately, says jurgen kober, head of the city’s service operation. In any case, cleaning up after new year’s eve means one thing above all for his employees: a lot of manual work. "The sticks from the rockets and the batteries have to be gathered by hand", says kober. Coarse rocket debris can not be picked up by the sweeper.

Basically, the polluter pays principle applies, which means that everyone is actually obliged to dispose of his gauze. Nevertheless, a city cleaning crew of two men was already on the road on new year’s day to remove the mull at neuralgic points. These are public places, where many people meet to celebrate – but neglect the cleanup afterwards. The fubganger zone is one of them, as well as ludwigsbrucke, berliner platz and schwister-scholl-platz. According to kober, the crew was on the job for half a day, and several cubic meters of mull were removed.

No vandalism

For the other streets, squares and sidewalks from the second of january the regular street cleaning is responsible. That means in large parts of the city center and on busy streets, the service company cleans the roadways. The residents must remove the mull on the sidewalks in these areas. In the rest of the city, they have to worry about the mulch on the fubwege as well as on parts of the streets.

All in all, the turn of the year went peacefully from kober’s point of view. No vandalism damage has been reported so far. And also the mullaufkommen moved approximately on the level of the previous years. The political discussions about climate protection and boller bans have not led to less bollering in bad kissingen.