Heat from biogas plant for private homes

Heat from biogas plant for private homes

With the establishment of a self-sufficient heat supply system, the shareholders of warmeversorgung neuenmarkt gmbh have successfully completed another phase in the development of private residential properties. According to the words of managing director klaus zahner, almost 20 properties were connected to the district heating network, which will be supplied with heat in the future via the biogas and wood chip plant.

The last work was done at the eichenweg. Further connections have already been made in the months before in birkenstrabe and dorfstrabe as well as in rosenweg. The main customers are the german steam locomotive museum (DDM) and the senior citizens' park "rosengarten.

Edeka is next project

"With the expansion in the oak path, our planning is currently complete. We only have one more connection to make, and that is the new edeka supermarket. Still unclear, however, is a possible connection of the elementary school neuenmarkt-wirsberg", says zahner, noting that warmeversorgung neuenmarkt gmbh can supply the school with heat at any time: "that's not a question at all, but we need a decision from the association's assembly, because planning is also necessary for that." a decision is important, he said, because if the school were to be connected to the heating plant in village street, another boiler would have to be placed to easily provide another 300 to 400 kilowatts of heat.

The young company "warmeversorgung neuenmarkt gmbh" is satisfied with its development. "I think even the homeowners who have some experience with our heating system are satisfied with the technology and also with the whole process of how we have done the work."

One year of experience in heating the "rosengarten" senior citizens' residential complex which estimates an annual demand for heat of around 450.000 kilowatts. The DDM has a heating demand of between 800.000 and one million kilowatt hours planned. Zahner was particularly full of praise for his local craftsmen: "without my technical director otfried reibaus and our excavator driver jorg fischer, we would have been lost. They do a good job." fischer is responsible for the technical details of the project.

Heinz heyerth is relieved

Heinz Heyerth, who decided to connect his two properties in eichenweg to the district heating network, is happy with his decision: "people are always talking about oil supplies becoming scarcer and prices constantly rising. I don't have to worry about it anymore, I get the warm food delivered at fixed conditions."