Schweinfurt district: horse stable on fire – one firefighter injured

schweinfurt district: horse stable on fire - one firefighter injured

For reasons as yet unknown, a fire broke out in a barn with an adjacent horse stable in the werneck district of muhlhausen in the night from saturday to sunday. The animals could be freed from the barn in time before the barn burned out completely. The further investigations took over still in the night the criminal police schweinfurt. This reports the police.

Shortly after 03:00 o’clock the integrated rescue control center in schweinfurt was informed about the fire of the horse stable in the st.-martin-strabe informs. Despite an immediately alerted large contingent of regional fire departments, a complete burnout of the barn could not be prevented.

Fortunately, all the horses were rescued from the stable in time and six escaped animals were recaptured by several helpers and a patrol of the schweinfurt police force. The fire department was able to prevent the flames from spreading to the neighboring house, but an opel parked next to the stable caught fire and burned out. A firefighter fell and broke his wrist during the cordoning-off operations. According to the current investigations, the property damage is in the mid-figure range.

It is currently unclear how the fire could have occurred and is the subject of the police investigation, which has been taken over by the schweinfurt criminal investigation department. The fire departments from werneck, muhlhausen, ebleben, ganheim, schwanfeld, bergrheinfeld, schweinfurt, zeuzleben and geldersheim were deployed with a total of 148 firefighters. The schweinfurt police were on site with five patrols.