Why the church wall has a belly

It is a very rare event when the figures from the riemenschneider altar in the parish church of st. Maria magdalena in munnerstadt to be removed. This year was the time: because of the church renovation, exactly this action of notes, it says in a press release of the parish

St. Maria magdalena munnerstadt. In a lecture with pictures, paul ziegler will go into the history of the building on tuesday, 10. December, from 19.30 o’clock, in the hall of the cafe "zum baren at the market square in munnerstadt on the events.

The remedial action was started in may this year. The first two construction phases were the securing of the north wing with the installation of a new roof truss and the beginning of the cleaning of the historic glass windows from the 15th century. Century.The renovation, which cost around 3.2 million euros, is a milestone for the parish.

Looking over the shoulder(s)

The architects, the restorers and the people in charge of the wurzburg diocese as well as those responsible on site approached the task very meticulously. In view of the dimension of the work, the city parish priest, father markus reis OSA, commissioned paul ziegler, the former editorial director of the saale newspaper, bad kissingen, to compile a documentation of the renovation work. Since then, the journalist has looked over the shoulders of the workers almost every day, among other things during the complicated securing of the north wing of the church, where the old roof truss had lost more and more of its function.

At the same time, preparatory work for the cleaning of the historic seven choir windows in the church was started in summer. In order to access the windows through high scaffolding, the riemenschneider altar had to be "secured" and from the north wall the four paintings by veit stob are removed.

The entire choir room was emptied, gerustbauer kept in. Thereupon the original figures of tilman riemenschneider were taken down from the altar. Three restorers accompanied the work, documenting the condition of the artworks and cleaning them.

Special challenge

In mid october the cleaning of the stained glass windows began, at the same time the new roof truss was erected on the north wing. And this was a special challenge for the carpenters, because according to the specifications of the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments, the old roof truss had to remain in place.

Paul ziegler will tell us how it all went down, and what happened, on tuesday, 10 a.M. December, from 19.30 o’clock in a picture lecture in the hall of the cafe "zum baren" at the market place in munnerstadt. He shows photos of the highest point of rust in the city parish church, shows what happened behind the construction fence in the church in the summer, how dilapidated the old roof truss was, and why the church wall of the north wing has a 23 centimeter thick belly.