Munch attacks the csu

Gunter munch, spokesman for the free voters in adelsdorf, reacts with annoyance to a proposal from the local CSU faction regarding the establishment of a medical center and the creation of a concept for the areas of "care and nursing". Munch points out in a statement that the free choosers have already addressed a request of the same content to the municipality in mid august.

Already for the repeated time the CSU had helped itself at requests of the free wahler. So the free voters are for months with the burgers along the staatsstrabe 2264 in languages. "We applied for speed limits (which have now been implemented) and further measures to protect the arms and calm traffic. No sooner has the local CSU noticed this than they take up the issue and make similar requests for traffic calming. The issues for the upcoming municipal elections are missing here? Is one not close enough to the burger, in order to bring in here current, above all new topics? Do we really have to adorn ourselves with other people’s feathers here?? Apparently it is, because I can’t explain such an approach any other way", munch gets excited.

The citizens should not be taken for fools. In school, for such write-offs, one would get a straight 6 and the issue would be done with it, says the spokesman. In addition, areas for senior citizens’ homes and day care are currently being created during the updating of the land use plan, so there is no need to talk about this topic any more.