Patients donate dental gold to help the kirchehrenbach fire department

Patients donate dental gold to help the kirchehrenbach fire department

The fire department kirchehrenbach was able to take delivery of two new pieces of equipment these days thanks to generous donations: a rolling container loaded with so called "rustholz" (wood chips) will be put to use on the logistic truck from now on.

The purchase was made possible in large part by a successful dental gold campaign. And the fire department association has bought a folding tent for the fire department that can be set up quickly. Dentist ludwig miller and association chairman rolf bergmann now officially handed over the council to commander sebastian muller.

The commander did not spare praise for the patients who had participated when he showed miller the new equipment at the fire station. In the campaign "your dental gold for safety", which has been running since last summer a total of 595 euro was collected. With the money a rough wooden rolling container could be put together. Various rough squared lumber, wedges and planks are used to secure, stabilize or support vehicles or objects after accidents.

In recent months, patients have been able to drop their removed dental gold into a donation box. Because often it disappears in the drawer at home or is carelessly thrown away. Miller was very happy about the result after the melting and the possible support of the firefighters of the community.

Fire chief muller discovered the idea for this unusual campaign on the internet in an upper bavarian town. And for those who have not yet come to donate: the collection box at dentist miller’s is still available.

Another donation was handed over to the municipal fire department by the fire department association chairman rolf bergmann: a folding tent worth around 700 euros, which can be used as a weather shelter, for support or for setting up a command post, for example.

Bergmann particularly emphasized the commitment of the club members; it is only through their work at events that it is possible for the fire department club to support the community financially, as in this example. The three-by-three-meter pavilion will also be used for public relations if necessary.