Robbie williams takes care of good kids at home with an eleven

Pop star robbie williams (45) uses a special trick to get his children to be good during the christmas season: "the elf on the shelf". The eleven has the eyes and ears of santa claus.

"And he reports whether the children have been good or naughty. The children weren’t allowed to touch the elf, because otherwise the magic would disappear," says the briton, describing a small christmas tradition in the williams household. This kind of manipulation is quite abusive, williams admits. "But it’s a good way to keep them on the straight and narrow". Robbie williams has been married to u.S. Actress ayda field since 2010. The couple has three children.

His family spends christmas in abundance, williams continued. "Too much of everything, and i love that."The pre-christmas season is a time for indulgence. "You spend so much of your life being strict with yourself. Why not give yourself permission to have too much of everything?"Chocolate in particular is high on his list of priorities.