“The boys have to buy here!”

Franziska Betzold is the shopping vice champion. Daughter-in-law manuela reveals this with great pride. But that's "the granny, as she is known in the family, not so important. What is much more decisive for her is the statement: "we from gundelsheim need the market." she is referring to the only remaining supermarket in the village. Especially for the elderly, but also for those without a car or other motorized vehicle, even for those without a bicycle, this shopping opportunity is of elementary importance. As well as the other businesses and institutions.

Franziska Betzold and her daughter-in-law took part in a study in april that investigated whether it is possible to provide for oneself in gundelsheim. Franziska betzold's second place is impressive proof of that. For three weeks, meticulous records had to be kept of all purchases, with receipts and documents as proof. "We should do everything the way we always have", explains the 73-year-old.

The top performers in terms of supply (of products or services) were determined by totals. "If we had done this a week later, the granny would certainly have been the front-runner", says the daughter-in-law. Because there were still communion and planting work to do in the garden.

Franziska Betzold is originally from hofen near rattelsdorf and built a house in gundelsheim with her husband in 1964. Because it was already here and close to the city. Both worked in bamberg. The young couple got there by bicycle, motorcycle or bus. City bus service came later, but there were two small grocery stores, two bakeries and a butcher. Betzold, a trained retail saleswoman, has seen many a business come and go. Gundelsheim has no more beverage market and also no schlecker. Bakery and butcher are "only" available now under the roof of the shopping market. Franziska betzold says it is important for local people to take advantage of local services "so that they can be maintained.

This is especially true for the supermarket, which has already been closed for a quarter of a year. A situation that has caused many a distress, as her descriptions show. The young ones had to shop here so that the market will still exist when they are old, she claims. The daughter-in-law nods, but still refers to her own purchasing behavior.

Special offers in the city

For the family of four we need the right quantities, and if we take advantage of the supermarket's special offers, we can save money". The 45-year-old combines doctor's visits and shopping in bamberg, for economic reasons. She brings heavier things from the city to her mother-in-law, with whom she lives in the same house.

Franziska betzold has had drinks delivered by a brewery in kasten for a long time now. She fetches everyday necessities herself. "I didn't want to burden the young people after all." the 72-year-old can no longer ride a bike for health reasons and is dependent on her walking frame, she muses. And she is very keen to do her own shopping. For this she has bought a rolling shopping bag and a large hanging bag. This means she is on the road twice a week in the direction of the supermarket. Naturally because of the errands, but also because here is a meeting place. "You get to meet people." this is especially important for the elderly, and for those who live alone.

Franziska betzold comes from a generation in which women did not yet have a driver's license as a matter of course. So she has no possibility to get supplies in nearby hallstadt or memmelsdorf. No buses go there, and she finds bamberg too hectic. In the markets you are often bumped into, even if by mistake, she says. In the gundelsheim market it is quite different. She also gets everything she needs in gundelsheim, in the market and in services, with the exception of a specialist doctor. "We have the market, general practitioner, dentist, flower shop, banks, frisor, pharmacy", pay it forward. The most important: "I like it in the countryside."

"Grandma is right

This also applies to her daughter-in-law, who comes from bamberg. Especially because of the carefree way in which their two children verena and timo can grow up here. The study has led to a certain rethinking on her part. "Special offers are just as cheap here as in bamberg." at least she buys them locally. "I think I should shop here more often", she muses. "The granny is right." for her it is clear: "i need the market and all the other shops in the town"."

the importance of the market for the elderly is made clear by two other senior citizens: 98-year-old richard stadler, for example, is glad that you can order food from the gundelsheim market and have it delivered to you. It was too far for him to walk, and he has not been able to drive a car for four years.

88-year-old anneliese moosmaier, who is dependent on her walker, is in a similar situation. She appreciates the food service of the market, which she calls a "unique store" describes. At the same time, she reminds us that we have to be able to afford all this.

Mayor Jonas Merzbacher (SPD) wanted to use the study to prove that people can get food locally. He emphasizes: "only if the facilities are used, they will stay." another result of the study: there is a need for action in the medical sector. Talks have been held with another bakery and a second butcher. Franziska betzold was happy about that.