The “Notnaachelpredicher” and his beer crate audience

the 'notnaachelpredicher' and his beer crate audience

The sickershausers had had the best weather for their jubilee celebrations, but because of corona they had to postpone their major jubilee celebrations until next year. But the surveyors in the town of storkbrunnles don’t quite love to spoil their schnitthapples-kerm. They committed a narrow-gauge issue, in which the geometers only internally carried out a town hall storm. Tip for those interested: a video of it can be found on instagram. Philipp heigl was discharged as surveyor and his successor florian segritz was sworn in.

On sunday, pastor simon gahr celebrated the church anniversary service with believers on the sports field and in the afternoon the "notnaachelpreedicher" preached thomas beer, while his audience listened to crates of beer with a corona distance between them. The preacher was pleased to note that sickershausen now has three council members on the town council. They should work for new building sites "only our rate of the green have their joy in it?", wondered beer.

Numbers confusion

He made fun of a woman who apparently is not so good with numbers. Because they wanted to pay 25 euro at the gas station, but didn’t realize that the display said "25" liter and not euro were. They also did not get along with the scoreboard in the handball hall, because it got out of sync with the time and reported a score of 22 to eleven, although it was only five to six.

A skier who had checked into the hotel in the morning had a mishap. Because the man at the reception could not give her her room key, which the woman did not understand at all. The rats solution was: because of a name mix-up she was at the reception of a wrong hotel and her husband was embarrassed in the group.

Meanwhile, a mechanic was not amused when he wanted to donate a liver cheese in the workshop for his birthday. But he did not watch out for the oven and the liver cheese turned charcoal black and the fire department had to come to the scene. A couple’s walk around a tree also went wrong, but the ditch turned out to be a mud hole in which the woman half-sank.

Celebrating an anniversary next year

There was also a boy who bought a slatted frame that did not fit into the car and therefore he dragged the object of purchase at 38 degrees celsius through half of kitzingen. Another sickershauser was dogged by bad luck and had to report three claims on his new car to his insurance company within a few weeks. Thomas beer told his listeners on the sports field the curious fact that one of the old men wanted to take it too seriously with the payment morals at the greek restaurant in kitzingen. "For if the greek had not been so honest, then the good man had paid his bill three times over", he paid beer.

Sickershausen had nevertheless decked itself out with lots of flags for the church fair. Now all of sickershausen hopes that the situation will relax by next year and then the jubilee as "100 years church fair in sickershausen" can be celebrated in the evening.