The city honors its great son

the city honors its great son

The preparations for the anniversary year 2013 are progressing: the working group specially formed for the planning laid down a first rough roadmap through the "abt knauer year" during its youngest meeting before. While some of the various activities are already certain, behind others are still question marks. So it is still uncertain whether there will be a central rough event.
At the beginning of the meeting in the schonborn hall of the kastenhof, mayor udo dauer (CSU) and city archivist andrea goldner pointed out the background of the festive occasion. Originally, a 900. The first anniversary will be celebrated, because weismain is said to have received the town charter in 1313. Since this date has been handed down in writing, but cannot be proven by any documents, the celebrations were postponed to the 400th anniversary of the founding of the town hall. The centenary of the birth of the most famous son of the town is celebrated: mauritius knauer, born around 1613 in weismain and later abbot of langheim monastery, is known as the author of the centenary calendar.

Gunter dippold will speak

The working group therefore decided that the anniversary year should begin with a lecture on the life of the abbot and weather observer. District curator of local history professor gunter dippold will give a CHW lecture on abt knauer at the beginning of the coming year, with a precise date still to be arranged.
In the second half of january, the campaign "weismain leuchtet" begins, which is being prepared by the coburg technical college; a focal point of the light installation is to be the "holle", the former commercial district of the town, its.
After the carnival in the middle of february, a concert of the ensemble "musica antiqua bambergensis" will take place during the lent conceivable. The group plays pieces from the 16th century on historical instruments. Century, among other things on such of the weismainer composer johann degen.
In march there is with the baptism of mauritius knauer (14. March) and the international day of meteorology ("world weather day") on 23. March) two points of interest at the same time.
The planners have refrained from planning the whitsun days with the baur-triathlon and the "pure bike tour" (19./20. May) to use for a coarser festival.
On the other hand, the open-air theater days of the kolping family on march 7 are fixed. To 9. June, whose theater group will perform for the first time outdoors in front of the tower in the courtyard of the box, before being held at the same location from 21. To 24. The church fair takes place in june.
July, however, is reserved for larger club celebrations (270th anniversary of the brass band, district and town fire brigade day with performance march, 60th anniversary of the evangelical women's aid).
The schutzenfest follows on the first weekend in august. The swedish procession (15. August) could be made possible by the participation of the kronach "committee company" with its equipment from the time of the three year war and with a "grob zapfenstreich" to be upgraded. For august, a jugglers' and craftsmen's festival with a medieval flair in the "holle" is also conceivable, the proceeds of which will go to the restoration of the city wall in this area.

Festival weekend in october?

The working group considers october to be a suitable month for a festive weekend. This weekend could include a festive evening with a lecture about abbot knauer or about the city as well as a CHW symposium or a festive service with maximilian heim, the abbot of the monastery heiligenkreuz in the vienna forest, where mauritius knauer stayed during the three years war.
The other working group proposals ranged from a concert in september to another CHW lecture with historical and current views of weismain in november, which ties in with a similar special exhibition at the north jura museum, to an upgraded thomas market (21. December) at the end of this jubilee year.
If it was up to the committee, which includes representatives from business and society, the local bakeries, confectioners, butchers and inns could also take up the cause. A "abt knauer gourmet mile" was conceivable, a "city wall bar" suggested by burgermeister dauer or a medieval feast in the town hall cellar.
There was no agreement on a central festival in the anniversary year in the style of an old town festival. In previous discussions, the jurassic villages had declared that they would participate, while the clubs from weismain were skeptical about the idea, referring to the negative experiences at the last old town festival in 2002.
Uber the organization of a rough event is to be decided in one of the coming meetings. Whereby in the ranks of the working circle quite supporters can be found. For example, baur spokesman jorg hoepfner considered a central festive event important in order to develop positive memories of the jubilee year; mayor udo dauer also said he could imagine that a medieval festival with old crafts in the kastenhof would go down well.