The senior boss is still needed

the senior boss is still needed

Actually, she didn't have time to celebrate today, said helga hofmann, senior manager of the "wasserschlob" hotel-gasthof in mitwitz on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Birthday. Schlieblich was mitwitzer kirchweih and she was needed at all corners and ends. Although she has officially been retired for several years and has therefore been able to take things a little more slowly, she is still "in her house" in many areas indispensable, although her two daughters kerstin bar and claudia bethke are in charge of the renowned inn. Helga hofmann is also proud.

Together with her husband arno, she had to follow a path that was often arduous, sometimes difficult, but always full of work, until what was then the kohler inn was able to develop into today's hotel at the beginning of the 1970s. Whether putting the toilet in the kitchen or doing commercial work in the office, she always acted prudently and with pleasure. Especially, and this is still true today, the friendly treatment of the guests is very important to the community.

Mayor hans-peter laschka emphasized the balancing nature of her. With her husband arno, she is a godsend for the market town of mitwitz.

The numerous birthday guests, including delegations from the mitwitz fruit and horticulture association and the tourist association, clapped in rhythm to the song "sag dankeschon mit roten rosen" (say thank you with red roses), while the hofmann couple did a jaunty waltz. In the circle of family and good friends was the "feiertag" continued, but not for too long, because as I said, it is Mitwitzer Kirchweih.