Sarah connor: “i understand all the concerns”

sarah connor: 'i understand all the concerns'

A planned rough concert in dusseldorf with stars like bryan adams and sarah connor before 13.000 spectators should only take place if the corona infection numbers allow it.

Michael brill, managing director of the operating company of the dusseldorf "merkur spiel-arena," pointed this out on saturday. "We are sticking to the event," he told the german press agency. But if the number of infections rose too high, the concert could not take place, and the fans would get their ticket money back in full.

According to brill, the music event "give live A chance" is subject to "the highest possible protection measures" – including a strict mask requirement for spectators. The concert had been approved by all relevant authorities and was legally compliant. Also messen or berliner waldbuhne had planned again coarser events.

Concert promoter marek lieberberg ("rock am ring") wants to hold a concert on 4. September sarah connor, bryan adams, rea garvey, joris, the bosshoss and michael mittermeier to perform in dusseldorf’s fubball stadium. The city had approved the event. NRW health minister karl-josef laumann (CDU) had sharply criticized the plan and raised legal doubts. The presale is to begin on monday.

Pop star connor showed understanding for concerns against the rough concert, but at the same time defended the planned event. On facebook, the 40-year-old wrote that she "understands all the concerns and objections to the first rough planned concert in the "new era"."But her industry has also "suffered extremely" in recent months. The concert is not about "partying", but about jobs.

"I have four children, one of whom could be classified as particularly "at risk,"" connor wrote. "We, too, are eagerly awaiting the start of school. My children also have to wear masks to school. Be sure, I do not handle the situation recklessly in any case."But: "i also have many friends and colleagues whose livelihoods are now threatened."

She herself employs over the year "about 150 people, who in march from one day to the next have lost all income."Nobody fights for them, "because it is always said that their work is not relevant to the system."

Concerning the concert, connor wrote: "according to my information, otherwise I had never approved, the planned concert has been carefully thought through and closely worked out and coordinated with the authorities."She is "curious herself if and how it will take place. But if, then I am there. Anything else, I can not answer to my people."

On 4. September – exactly on the same day as the dusseldorf show – the waldbuhne in berlin will also reopen. There were allowed to fill 5000 seats. The dusseldorf organizers pointed out that at 13.000 spectators, a maximum of one-fourth of the capacity is used by them.