Bus exchanges on both sides in the future

bus exchanges on both sides in the future

The building committee of the wiesentheid municipal council took a look at some of the items for discussion at its meeting on site. In the feuerbach district, for example, the stops for the school buses in the direction of schwarzach/dettelbach and wiesentheid were an issue. In feuerbach there had been displeasure recently because of the relocation of the previous stop to the center of the town. The stop is dangerous because it is very close to the schwarzacher strabe. In addition, there is no possibility for parking there, he said.

Parents wanted the "old" one stop at the former school again, which was rejected by the bus company and the opnv for several reasons. After some back and forth, the building committee decided to erect a second waiting house on wiesentheider strabe, as opposed to the previous one. First, the building authority is to examine the possibilities of a request, then it will be built, the committee determined.

Logo on the traffic circle?

The waiting house at the former school will remain for the time being. At the other stop in schwarzacher strabe, no parking space will be created because there is hardly any room there, decided mayor werner knaier and the members of the committee.

During the meeting, the building committee again dealt with proposals for the design of the flat area on the traffic circle at the entrance to the town from rudenhausen. The design envisaged the logo of the municipality, as well as the lettering "markt wiesentheid"." the council favored a design, but still had suggestions for change. In addition, the building authority must give its final approval.

Transfer over railroad line

Mayor knaier went on to say that some trees had been cut down along the creek at the nikolaus fey school. This was necessary because some of the alder, ash and oak trees were no longer stable and therefore dangerous, according to knaier. First, the remaining trees will be cut so that they can sprout again.

In addition, the municipality wants to inquire whether it can create crossings over the railroad line at two points. Similar to prichsenstadt, a gravel crossing will be built along the heckenbergweg and the feuerbach cycle path. The municipality will ask the owner of the railroad line about it.