Matthias klement again chairman of the wastewater association

Matthias klement again chairman of the wastewater association

The clearing plant itself is located in poppenlauer, while the special-purpose association has its headquarters in mabbach town hall. Chairman remains for the next six years of the mabbacher 1. Mayor matthias klement, his deputy the city lauringer 1. Mayor friedel heckenlauer. Both were unanimously confirmed in office by secret ballot at the first meeting of the association assembly after the municipal election. The formal election of a second deputy was dispensed with as before. This means that the oldest mayor or deputy mayor will automatically take over. The oldest mayor in case of need the deputy, so the thundorfer 1. Mayor judith dekant.

Audit committee elected

The audit committee was also elected. Its ordinary members are barbara gopfert (stadtlauringen), andre pfister, (mabbach) and arno schlembach (munnerstadt). Barbara gopfert became chairperson, arno schlembach deputy. The wastewater pressure line madenhausen will not be extended after all, at least for the time being. In the district of uchtelhausen, the citizens had complained about strong odors, which were said to originate from the wastewater pipeline. The extension of the leadership was intended to remedy the situation. With the reconstruction and modernization of the printing station, the problem has apparently been largely eliminated, it was said at the meeting. Nevertheless, the pipeline was still to be extended. The work was planned in conjunction with the district of schweinfurt’s tree-trimming program.

That had construction costs in the amount of about 140.000 as well as 18.000 euros for the planning. For increased construction prices, ten percent was added, so that the 2020 budget contains a total of 170.000 euros were set aside. In march of this year, a design was submitted for individual construction approval, since the county now wants to build the road later after all. This is what it says in the draft resolution for the association members. The invitation to tender resulted in costs of almost 298.000 euro, i.E. An overrun of around 75 percent. According to the chamberlain, there are no possibilities for financing these additional costs in either the administrative or the property budgets. From a technical point of view, the construction of the pressure line was not necessary. Since the rebuild resp. An expert from the company ifa-consult had found that the technical equipment had only been used twice before, and only when there were technical problems. The mayor of uchtelhausen, johannes grebner, said that the invitation to tender had not been very clear, that 30 meters more had to be planned, and that the pipe diameter had also been unclear. "It stank beastly, it was not bearable. Even if it becomes expensive now, the construction is the most favorable variant" he emphasized and, together with johannes de boer (uchtelhausen), voted against the waiver of the pressure line. All other members decided "not to carry out the acceptance procedure due to the unsecured financing and to cancel the invitation to tender".

Plant for dewatering the clear sludge

The wastewater association obere lauer is currently building a plant for dewatering the clear sludge that is produced. This is also where the clarified sludge from the munnerstadt clarification plant is to be dried. The city is a member of the special-purpose association, as the wastewater from the eastern parts of the city is treated in poppenlauer. The special-purpose agreement on the delivery and processing of clear sludge from munnerstadt was on the agenda, but had not yet been approved. Mayor friedel heckenlauer (stadtlauringen) had pointed out that this would mean that the town of munnerstadt would have to participate in the clearing plant and its financing with more so-called population equivalents than before. Now the negotiations are to be followed up and the special-purpose agreement adopted at the next meeting in the fall.

Wastewater association

Obere lauer member municipalities markt mabbach (number of representatives in the association assembly: 3), stadtlauringen (3), stadt munnerstadt (2), thundorf (2), sulzfeld (1), uchtelhausen (1). In some cases, only a part of each town or village is connected to the clarification plant.