Lower franconia: cars stall on walking tour, pensioner punctures tire

Lower Franconia: cars stall on walking tour, pensioner punctures tire

For a few weeks now, drivers parked on von guttenberg street in bad neustadt have been returning home to find flat tires. Since the reports of punctured tires were piling up at the police station at this very location, the officers assumed that the vehicles were the culprits.

As the police reported, in the past few days targeted surveillance measures were carried out there by the police. On thursday morning, an elderly man with walking sticks walked past a car parked near a fubweg and looked at it very attentively. Since there were no other people around, he quickly bowed and then went on his way.

The observing police officers stopped the man, who was over 80 years old, and asked him about his personal details. When they returned to the car with him, the air had already visibly escaped from a tire. During the search of the senior a swiss pocket knife was found.

The accused was taken to the police station and there, after being instructed, was questioned. He admitted to the tire punctures, but did not fully acknowledge his unlawful actions, because the cars had extremely disturbed him during his walking tour. The ad runs.