Csu falls by five percentage points in survey

Csu falls by five percentage points in survey

Barely seven weeks before the state elections in bavaria, the CSU has lost significant support according to a new poll.

In the poll conducted by the opinion research institute insa for the "bild" newspaper, the party of prime minister markus soder now only has 36 percent. In the previous insa-trend at the end of june it was still 41 percent, so five points more. In the state elections in september 2013, the CSU won 47.7 percent of the vote.

Insa now sees the grunen in second place. Since the poll in june, they have gained two points to 15 percent and pushed the afd, which still has 14 percent, down to third place. SPD remains unchanged at 13 percent, now in fourth place. In the 2013 state election, the social democrats had 20.6 percent.

The free voters, like the greens, gain two points and now reach 8 percent. FDP gains one point to 6 percent. The left remains unchanged at 3 percent.

The CSU could therefore no longer govern alone, but could choose its coalition partners. Several different coalitions were possible. In bavaria on 14. October a new state parliament is elected.