Storm gusts rub trees over

Storm gusts rub trees over

The stormy low pressure system mortimer made itself known on sunday evening, and on monday mortimer, embedded in a powerful westerly current, also made itself felt in the county of habberge. The strong to stormy gusts with wind speeds between 50 and 75 kilometers per hour knocked down trees. The habfurt volunteer fire department was alerted to a storm on monday morning, and the kirchlautern fire department was also called out at 8:00 a.M.10 o'clock from, in order to clear a tree from the road.

Difficult recovery work

In habfurt, a tree had fallen on a carport, burying the roof of the shelter and three vehicles parked under it. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the rescue work turned out to be complicated, as the press spokesman of the habfurt fire department, julian weidinger, reports: at 6 a.M., the habfurt fire department was alerted to the technical rescue work at the habfurt wildbad. The tree had not fallen onto the road, the nordtangente, but onto a carport. The massive tree buried the carport and three cars parked under it. No one was injured. During the overturning, however, another tree was hit, which subsequently also threatened to topple over.

Due to the coarseness of the trees and the tight space conditions, it was not possible to remove them safely with the help of the fire department. Therefore, a specialist company was called in at an early stage to provide support. Fire department, police and the building yard, which was also called in, cordoned off the surrounding area. In addition to the adjacent fub and cycle paths, the north tangent road also had to be fully closed until the salvage work was completed. The traffic was diverted via the main road and coarse anger.

After the specialist company had felled the stricken tree, it was possible to close off the north tangent at 10.10 o'clock to be lifted. Shortly thereafter, also the roads and bicycle paths could be reopened. The fire-brigade habfurt was at peak times with five vehicles and 15 task forces locally. In addition, the police, the habfurt building yard and the zeil road maintenance department are supporting the emergency response.

For the volunteer fire department

Kirchlauter reports commander frank brem of a strenuous morning. First, the helpers were alerted to remove a tree on the roadway in the direction of breitbrunn. Afterwards, the police sent the fire brigade to the stretch between salmsdorf and kottendorf, because mud had been spooled onto the roadway from a field there. The nine volunteers of the fire department removed the pollution with the help of the road construction office with an excavator and sweeper; afterwards the road was sprayed with water. On the way back, the helpers came across another tree, which they immediately removed after consulting the integrated control center. As reported by the integrated control center in schweinfurt, the consequences of the storm were far less severe than feared. Seven deployments were only in the region. Basements were hardly flooded at all, reports district fire chief ralf dressel in response to our inquiry.