Ju is for participation in corona study

The executive committee of the young union local association forchheim opposes the decision of the mayor of oberburg, uwe kirschstein (SPD), not to participate in the "covid kids bavaria" study with any of the city’s daycare centers participate. This decision means that "an opportunity for research into the virus is being missed", the JU in forchheim emphasizes in its statement.

People should take advantage of the opportunity to take part in tests, it continues. Because they were "helping to stop the spread of the virus in our city". Even if the children showed no symptoms, they could still pass the virus on to their grandparents, for example, argues JU local chairman florian dietz.

In addition, the JU finds the reasoning of the mayor of oberburg for this step incomprehensible and even dangerous. "By preventing the expansion of testing capacity so as not to risk another lockdown, the oberburg mayor is potentially putting the health of the population at risk, even though infection control must be at the forefront of all his decisions at the moment", says felix monius, deputy JU district chairman. The JU also calls on the mayor to distance himself from comments in the social media in which "populists and conspiracy theorists" are quoted buried his decision not to participate.