Speeding through the city on drugs

It is the 23. January 2018, shortly after twelve o’clock. A 50-year-old shift worker from the district of schweinfurt was driving his car through robbrunnstrabe and ended up in a police checkpoint. 30 kilometers per hour are allowed, with more than 50 things he is on the road. While he is paying his fine, the police notice "drug-typical conspicuities". According to the indictment, the man has consumed cannabis and tramadol. Blood is to be taken from him, but he sits down in the car. One of the officers opens the driver’s door and stands in the opening. The driver closes the door, so that the policeman has to swerve. The second officer stands in front of the car. The 50-year-old man accelerates and drives towards the police officer with spinning tires, who can only save himself by jumping to the side. He disregards the right of way rules, drives too fast, swerves into the opposite lane. On the luitpoldstrabe he speeds through a red light. In all cases other drivers have to brake hard. At around 100 kilometers per hour, he drives toward the main train station and finally onto highway 70.

Police are already waiting

A good hour later, the accused shows up at his house to fub. Two police officers are already there, the man runs away. The policemen chase him, push him to the ground. He resists being handcuffed, prosecution says. In court he has to answer for dangerous interference with traffic and endangering traffic, attempted dangerous bodily harm, assault on and resistance to law enforcement officers.

The accused confesses to the charges as far as he can remember. He drove off for fear that the police would lock him up. After that he knew nothing more. Today, he says, he is glad that he did not hurt anyone. After the trip on the highway he hid his car. The defendant denies that he resisted arrest. "I surrendered", he says.

Dangerous situations

The police witnesses speak of dangerous situations before and during the ride. "If I didn’t take two or three steps to the side in time, he would have caught me," he said, says the policeman who stood in front of the car. It was a "gross coincidence" and "gluck had been that no accident had happened, according to the officials. A witness says that the accused drove towards her from behind without braking: "I thought he would either hit me from behind or drive over the traffic island into the oncoming traffic". According to the expert opinion, the defendant had consumed cannabis and tramadol before driving away. His criminal record contains one prescription violation, his driving record contains four speeding violations and one distance violation, for which he received fines and points in flensburg. The defendant’s driving behavior was "extremely dangerous" had been, according to the prosecutor. He demanded a prison sentence of nine months, three years suspended and drug abstinence, a one-month driving ban and a suspension period for the driver’s license of three months.

The judge certifies that the defendant "endangers countless people" has. In favor of the defendant, he cited his openness. He sentences the man to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and supervision by a probation officer.

In addition, there is a one-year ban on drug use and the revocation of the driver’s license with a suspension period of six months. In addition, the defendant is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle for one month, must pay a fine of 1500 euros. The verdict is valid. Lwa