100 Wines to taste at the wine experience main-suden

100 wines to taste at the wine experience main-suden

Around 100 wines from more than 30 winegrowers from the communities around the maindreieck can be tasted to your heart’s content. The "wine experience main-suden" in the historic town hall of frickenhausen on sunday, 29. April, goes beyond its previous scope. At the same time, the exhibition "wine and architecture" is opened, which can be seen for the first time in franconia.

The eibelstadt administrative community and the frickenhausen winegrowers’ association are leading the way in organizing the regional tasting event. In the three years since the foundation, however, the circle has become considerably larger. Vintners from randersacker and kleinochsenfurt are now part of it. And this year, wineries from segnitz, obernbreit and sulzfeld will also present themselves in the hall of the spat gothic town hall.

Wolfgang betz, chairman of the frickenhausen winegrowers’ association, hopes that the event will lead to further cooperation between winegrowers along the river main. "It is important to look beyond the end of one’s nose," he says, dreaming of a sub-region that – like the wine paradise in the steigerwald – establishes itself as a trademark. The wine has the potential to become a billboard anyway, but not only the wine producers but also the region as a whole would profit from it.

There are also approaches to cross-border cooperation in other places. An integrated rural development concept, or ILEK for short, is currently being prepared for the communities in the southern maine triangle under the leadership of the office for rural affairs. "We are already ahead of the times", says wolfgang betz confidently. In the future, the region wants to present itself as a "main-suden".

Exhibition for the first time in france

The "wine and architecture" exhibition opens in frickenhausen at the same time as the "main-suden wine experience". It is currently still on display in the bavarian state parliament in munich and will now first come to franconia. Until 17. June it will be on display in the festival hall in the historic town hall. Among other things, particularly successful examples of modern architecture at french wineries will be shown.

The topic is also the subject of a lecture by dr. Hermann kolesch, head of the viticulture department at the state institute for viticulture and horticulture in veitshochheim, germany. The lecture will take place on wednesday, 2. May, at 7 p.M., also held in frickenhaus town hall.

For an entrance fee of ten euros, visitors to the "weinerlebnis main-suden" on sunday, 29. April, from 1 p.M. To 6 p.M. To taste to your heart’s content from around 100 wines. In addition, a "trial sample" is offered for five euros. In the framework of the tasting, a woodcarver shows his skill in sparing barrel bottom. A guided tour of frickenhausen with village leader charlotte will will take place at 2 p.M. The winegrowers’ association invites you to a guided tour through the vineyards at 15 pm.30 o’clock a.