Children visit the hochstadt police station

Children visit the hochstadt police station

The offices could be in any company, unless some of the employees at the computers wore the green police uniform. The little man who came with a police cap and a green "service" shirt perhaps imagined it differently.

The 234 children's eyes begin to sparkle as andreas hanjes leads a group into the cellar. From "locking up had been the talk. But before you can go to jail, i.E. To a police station: the arrest cells, you first have to undergo the "identification service treatment at. Hanjes' office turns out to be quite nuchtern for children's eyes. A female wall, a camera and a few rods.

Sparse arrest cells
The next door: a brown wooden door with a peephole. Gunther thaler raises her. Behind the thick blue bars and the very sparse detention cell. A concrete slab with a plastic mattress and a dark ceiling, a fixed toilet bowl and a concrete block on which food or drink can be stowed away. An emergency button. On the door struts an arrestee has scratched some words into it. Somehow bleak! But hanjes immediately calms down: here people are held for one day at most.

But then she goes back into the open. Rainer lindner waits in the garden for the children with their companions from the "more space for children" association. His dog sira is also waiting. But the four-year-old belgian shepherd dog is still sitting in her transport box in the car. Lindner is part of the nurnberg dog team. He and 50 colleagues are the drivers of 50 dogs, all specially trained, but otherwise living with the families of the service dog leaders. "Sira is a narcotics detection dog. With her fine nose she can find all kinds of hidden things again. I have hidden my two keychains here, including the one to the office", lindner explains to the children before fetching sira.

The dog is panting, because of the heat, but also because the search work is very exhausting.She has already made two passes. Lindner without a command lets go of her long leash and she starts to move. Not even ten meters and she just lies down. The children wonder. She does not like it anymore? But, but. She has already found the first key. "Then she lies down; she doesn't bring or touch it", declares lindner. Sira and her master are working quietly. Even when the reward comes.

And the heibt play. She wrestles with her master for a thick leather strap. "Sira does her work so that she can play with me afterwards", lindner reveals the secret of the search dogs.. She can do this until the end of her life. For retired police dogs stay with their families. The children are already awaited by the family members who come to pick them up.