“The beginning of a new life”

Many faithful awaited the procession on yesterday's saint's day in the hochstadt cemetery in bright sunshine. The procession followed the festive service in st. George had walked through the streets of the city praying.
During the service, which was festively framed by reinhard doring on the organ, dean kilian kemmer referred to the triad of the feast of all saints: idea, ideal, and idol. God created paradise for man – the ideal – and man destroyed it in the freedom given to him. God's idea is to restore this lost paradise, at least to some extent. The ideas of jesus of nazareth are ideal and worthy of imitation. Idols in the sense of our faith are the saints, but also very personal role models such as parents, friends, teachers, priests, who show us the way to faith.
The confession of faith in the service formed the bridge to the following cemetery walk. After a moment of silence, the dean and those gathered commemorated in four stations all the deceased priests, pastors and parish priests, all the deceased relatives, but also all the deceased in this cemetery, for whom no one prays anymore. Finally, he prayed for all those who had been snatched from their lives by a sudden stroke of fate.
Kemmer was deeply moved by the large number of visitors to the cemetery, especially the many young people. Using the example of a ripe apple on a thorny branch, he explained that it is difficult for all of us who have not been able to observe with our own eyes the coming into being and passing away of nature to believe in it. He compared it to the maturity of our faith. Believing in the resurrection to new life is just as difficult. Kemmer: "like a harvest, the resurrection in god's glory is also a miracle. Death is not the end but the beginning of a new life."