Spab with frisbees in the meeting place for seniors

Spab with frisbees in the meeting place for seniors

Admittedly, primarily a newspaper is made to be read. But it is also almost multifunctional: it is often used for wrapping and some people swear by newsprint when cleaning windows. And the gymnastics group of the bamberg diaconia senior citizens’ meeting place has come up with a very special use: they use it for sports.

"We use almost anything you can get your hands on," explains group leader. We do sporting exercises with towels, beer mats and newspapers, but also with balls, gym bands or frisbee discs", explains group leader ingrid pamperl. The exercise equipment is used for simple coordination and movement exercises. Sometimes there are legs sitting, sometimes it is standing on one leg. And since everything is always better with music, there is music to go with every exercise. The repertoire ranges from oldies to current hits.

Nobody is overtaxed. Finally, the senior athletes range in age from their mid-60s to over 90. "Many exercises are done sitting, and if someone needs to take a break, he can do it without any problems", assures pamperl. For the center of attention is always the spab. In addition, the senior sports group does not miss out on the social side of things. This way, people can talk about their problems before or after sports, and twice a year there is a coffee party. "Friendships have also developed among the seniors. Some people meet outside the group for joint activities", the group leader.

No one who wants to take part needs to have any sporting qualifications either. Comfortable clothes, a pair of sneakers and the will to do something for the mobility for three quarters of an hour will be enough. "Anyone is welcome to drop in for a trial session, join in and then decide if they want to stick with it." there are three possible dates to choose from. Every tuesday from 14.30 to 15.3 p.M. And every thursday from 2 p.M. To 2 p.M.45 o’clock and from 15 to 15.45 o’clock. The venue is always the gymnasium in the wilhelm-lohe home. The contribution is ten euros per trimester.

The gymnastics group is one of numerous groups and courses offered by the senior citizens’ meeting place under the auspices of the diaconal organization bamberg-forchheim. For more than 30 years, the goal here has been to bring older people together and show them that they are valuable. The activities range from excursions to sporting events such as bowling, dancing and gymnastics to courses such as memory training.