More than two million philippines in need after floods

More than two million philippines in need after floods

After the devastating floods, more than two million people urgently need help. Since the beginning of the week, 36 people have died in the capital manila and surrounding provinces, the civil defense bureau reported on thursday. Floods receded slowly, but monsoon rains continued in some provinces.

President benigno aquino visits residents of hard-hit manila neighborhoods. "We will not leave you in the lurch," he promised. In the long run, people in particularly dangerous parts of the city might have to be relocated, the president said.

"We have to be prepared for anything," said the deputy local chief in manila’s hard-hit marikina city district, fabian cadiz. "The weather is completely inconsistent."In many places, residents returned to their homes despite the danger. "We had to force some to come back out to prevent danger to life and limb," said the head of civil defense, benito ramos.

Heavy monsoon rains have flooded several districts of the metropolis and surrounding provinces since tuesday. More than half a million people forced to flee. 300,000 were being cared for in 630 emergency camps, civil defense reported.

Another 1.6 million people needed to be supplied with food or medicine or were cut off from the outside world by masses of water and needed help. More than 3,000 homes destroyed by floods. According to ramos, 13,000 helpers with more than 275 boats were in action.

Evangelische diakonie katastrophenhilfe provided 130,000 euros in aid for flood victims in asia on thursday. 80,000 euros were earmarked for flood victims in india and 50,000 for the philippines. The children’s charity world vision sent teams of helpers to distribute food in the emergency areas of the flooded capital manila and other regions, according to reports on wednesday.