The candidates for the “shopping queens” have been determined

The candidates for the

The fanfare and marching band's marquee on the market square was packed when "hofheim is looking for the shopping queens" was announced on thursday evening.

24 fashion enthusiasts took part in the event organized by the hofheimer werbering as part of the kirchweih advertising week. They could choose their favorite outfit in a shop of their choice and present it on the runway.

But before it started, the little ones made their grand entrance. Equipped by the children's second-hand store "pusteblume" many little ones between one and eleven years old showed their favorite clothes out of competition. When it was the turn of the adult models, the audience had the agony of choice, because they had to vote who would be the shopping queen.

This time there was one man

moderator axel neumeier led through the program with aplomb and introduced the individual participants. It is noteworthy that this year also a man participated and faced the audience jury.

Magreth swai from tanzania in africa had the longest journey, covering around 7,000 kilometers. The 23-year-old is currently visiting a family in hofheim and spontaneously decided to take part in the competition.

On sunday at 16 o'clock on the stage in the main street the three first placed will be named shopping queen and receive a shopping voucher for each fashion store.

Afterwards, the rough draw will take place at 5 p.M., with a dream cruise as the main prize. Young people from the hofheim gymnastics club will be selling the loose ones during the festive season and can be recognized by their original hailers. The werbering will thank the young athletes with a donation for TV youth work.