The deacon andreas eberhorn from heroldsbach moves to neunkirchen

the deacon andreas eberhorn from heroldsbach moves to neunkirchen

After five years as a deacon with a civilian profession, the church congregations of heroldsbach, hausen, wimmelbach, oesdorf and poppendorf bid farewell to andreas eberhorn. From now on, the family father will be active as a full-time deacon in the southern part of the pastoral area of neubau, with its headquarters in neunkirchen. He is one of seven men who hold this office in the archdiocese.

"We say goodbye", pastor klaus weigand began the service of farewell. But eberhorn will remain in the hirtenbachtal as a resident and as a "person who believes in the awakening of the church".

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Matthias klement again chairman of the wastewater association

Matthias klement again chairman of the wastewater association

The clearing plant itself is located in poppenlauer, while the special-purpose association has its headquarters in mabbach town hall. Chairman remains for the next six years of the mabbacher 1. Mayor matthias klement, his deputy the city lauringer 1. Mayor friedel heckenlauer. Both were unanimously confirmed in office by secret ballot at the first meeting of the association assembly after the municipal election. The formal election of a second deputy was dispensed with as before. This means that the oldest mayor or deputy mayor will automatically take over. The oldest mayor in case of need the deputy, so the thundorfer 1. Mayor judith dekant.

Audit committee elected

The audit committee was also elected. Its ordinary members are barbara gopfert (stadtlauringen), andre pfister, (mabbach) and arno schlembach (munnerstadt). Barbara gopfert became chairperson, arno schlembach deputy. The wastewater pressure line madenhausen will not be extended after all, at least for the time being. In the district of uchtelhausen, the citizens had complained about strong odors, which were said to originate from the wastewater pipeline. The extension of the leadership was intended to remedy the situation. With the reconstruction and modernization of the printing station, the problem has apparently been largely eliminated, it was said at the meeting. Nevertheless, the pipeline was still to be extended. The work was planned in conjunction with the district of schweinfurt’s tree-trimming program.

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Munch attacks the csu

Gunter munch, spokesman for the free voters in adelsdorf, reacts with annoyance to a proposal from the local CSU faction regarding the establishment of a medical center and the creation of a concept for the areas of "care and nursing". Munch points out in a statement that the free choosers have already addressed a request of the same content to the municipality in mid august.

Already for the repeated time the CSU had helped itself at requests of the free wahler. So the free voters are for months with the burgers along the staatsstrabe 2264 in languages. "We applied for speed limits (which have now been implemented) and further measures to protect the arms and calm traffic. No sooner has the local CSU noticed this than they take up the issue and make similar requests for traffic calming. The issues for the upcoming municipal elections are missing here? Is one not close enough to the burger, in order to bring in here current, above all new topics? Do we really have to adorn ourselves with other people’s feathers here?? Apparently it is, because I can’t explain such an approach any other way", munch gets excited.

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German railroad makes billion-dollar loss in corona crisis

german railroad makes billion-dollar loss in corona crisis

Empty trains in germany and difficulties with foreign business have printed deutsche bahn deep in the red. From january to june, the state-owned group posted a loss of 3.7 billion euros, according to information obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur from supervisory board circles.

After a fare reduction and record numbers in january and february, passenger numbers plummeted in the corona crisis in march and have not recovered to date. The bahn nevertheless maintained a rough part of its service. In addition, 1.4 billion euros had been written off the goodwill of the foreign subsidiary arriva, it was claimed.

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Uli hoeneb is looking for a successor who is a “willing egg”

Uli hoeneb is looking for a successor who is a 'willing egg'

When uli hoeneb gets chatting as a celebrity guest at an event, the FC bayern munchen club patron regularly delivers headlines.

Shortly before the top match in the fubball bundesliga on saturday evening at top-ranked borussia dortmund, the time had come again: hoeneb announced at the 1. At the first saxon business dialogue in dresden, he announced his retirement from the presidency of the german record champion. Not immediately, of course, but probably before the next round of birthdays.

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The candidates for the “shopping queens” have been determined

The candidates for the

The fanfare and marching band's marquee on the market square was packed when "hofheim is looking for the shopping queens" was announced on thursday evening.

24 fashion enthusiasts took part in the event organized by the hofheimer werbering as part of the kirchweih advertising week. They could choose their favorite outfit in a shop of their choice and present it on the runway.

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German seriously injured by dingo in australia

german seriously injured by dingo in australia

The attack happened in the early morning (local time) on fraser island, the world’s largest sand island about 1000 kilometers north of sydney. According to the national park administration, the 23-year-old had previously left his campsite and lost his bearings. He would then fall asleep alone on a path.

The young man was flown by helicopter to a hospital in the state of queensland. "His condition is stable," said a spokesman for the local health authority. He will not have to stay too long in the hospital. He could not say anything about the exact identity and origin of the german.

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Teenagers love ebermannstadt

Teenagers love ebermannstadt

Josef hofbauer 50 young people between the ages of twelve and 17 responded to the call of youth welfare worker kathrin kurth-lipfert, who, together with representatives of the district youth ring, had invited them to a forum in the town hall of ebermannstadt. The goal: to learn more about the needs and desires of "generation Z to be experienced. Kathrin lipfert is positively surprised by the results. No other group can be found in as many places in the city as young people. The suggestions put forward were correspondingly extensive and varied.

It has become clear that life is not as well organized as is often assumed. Schools have free time, and they would like to spend it outdoors, sums up the youth welfare officer from ebermannstadt. The teens would like to see the skateboarding area spruced up with soccer goals and basketball hoops. But faster internet and free wi-fi were also on the wish list.

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Robbie williams takes care of good kids at home with an eleven

Pop star robbie williams (45) uses a special trick to get his children to be good during the christmas season: "the elf on the shelf". The eleven has the eyes and ears of santa claus.

"And he reports whether the children have been good or naughty. The children weren’t allowed to touch the elf, because otherwise the magic would disappear," says the briton, describing a small christmas tradition in the williams household. This kind of manipulation is quite abusive, williams admits. "But it’s a good way to keep them on the straight and narrow". Robbie williams has been married to u.S. Actress ayda field since 2010. The couple has three children.

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The order books of the lichtenfels companies are fuller than ever before

Rarely has the lichtenfels business community been as positive about the current economic situation as it was at the beginning of 2019. At the same time, the prospects for 2019 are assessed quite cautiously in the economic survey of the chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia bayreuth. "The companies in lichtenfels are currently very well positioned on the markets and can really score points here", wilhelm wasikowski, vice president of the chamber of commerce and industry for upper franconia bayreuth and chairman of the chamber of commerce and industry committee lichtenfels, is pleased to say.
Despite the excellent assessment of the situation, the chamber of industry and commerce's economic climate index falls by five to a still good 120 due to the moderate expectations for the future in the lichtenfels region. More than half of the lichtenfels entrepreneurs surveyed, 53 percent, report a good business situation, and another 44 percent report a satisfactory business situation. Only three percent assess the current situation negatively. "A strong statement: 97 percent of all companies surveyed assessed their economic situation as good or satisfactory", sums up the vice president. "Never before have companies in lichtenfels assessed the current business situation so positively."

Good capacity utilization

growth is being driven primarily by domestic demand. However, business with foreign customers also developed very positively. "Whether at home or abroad, companies are increasingly reporting rising order volumes", explains wasikowski. Against this background, it is not surprising that most companies are reporting good capacity utilization. As satisfied as companies are with the current economic situation, on balance they expect stable development in 2019, but not a further brightening of the economy.
There are many reasons for the subdued expectations. "They range from the risks in various sales markets such as the UK, the US and russia, to the question of how best to address the skills shortage", outlines peter belina, managing director of the lichtenfels chamber of commerce and industry. "I do not see any danger of the economy overheating, even though the economic upswing has already lasted nine years", so wasikowski. "Rather, I see the risk that the good economic situation, which has lasted for years, will cloud the view of politicians.
If germany wants to remain competitive in the future, a lot of things still need to be done. The spectrum ranges from digitization and the investment backlog in education to the creation of equal living conditions in all parts of the country." the current coalition agreement sends contradictory signals, but at least addresses some of the most important areas for the future. Wasikowski: "all in all i had wished for more courage in the interest of the german economy. I also have my doubts as to whether yesterday's rigid regulations can control the digital world of tomorrow."

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